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Thank you for the confirmation that our loved ones are around us. We came to one of your gatherings, and had many validations. We always felt it but you gave us examples of signs to look for. Bob felt so good about his dad being proud of him, and me? To know my brother after 51 years is still the prankster puts a smile on my face. Thank you, Jan & Bob

I so enjoyed my reading this past Sunday it was so uplifting and enlightening to know that when we think that we are all alone we really are not we have our loved ones all around us every second of the day thank you for that knowledge....... Vicky Stratton

Dear Rob, You and Mo are such an inspiration in my life. I'm so glad you have been able to share your gift with so many. I love you both very much, Andi
What a pleasure it was meeting you this past week. So much of what you spoke about gave me peace. I know I will see my love ones again and that's what keeps me going each day! Thank you..  Janie & Justin
have read Rob's books and have sent several to close friends. I have visited with Rob and I count he and Mo as friends even though I have never met them face to face. Rob has brought a measure of piece to my sister and I both. Leisa T Pugsley

Rob, you have brought peace to so many people. We are proud to call you and Mo our dear friends.     Celeste & Don

Close to 4 yrs ago I was blessed with a phone reading by Robert that lasted 20 min! He was so spot on on everything, I sat here in awe, I knew he was relaying messages from my grandma when he started telling me about conversations my husband and I were having that morning. I contacted Robert because I had just lost my little boy, Zukar, and I wanted to know who met him on the other side, it turned out my grandma was the one who met him. During that reading Rob told me the Zukar wanted to come back, and that if and when he did he would let me know.. Rob told me to look for a lightning reference, Well here we are nearly 4 yrs later and boy howdy, he let me know, I do not believe this time around he is going to be with me, but Just knowing he is here is incredible. You see, just the other day my sister in Cheyenne came across a litter of Irish Wolfhounds, My favorite breed of dog, and as she approached the litter there was one who started getting loud whining and barking , turned out his name, Lightning, he even had a collar with lightning strikes all over them!! That is my Little Boy!! I just know it!!
          Stacy G.
I didn't know what to expect when Rob spoke to my horse or should I say she spoke to him and he told me how she felt. After owning my horse for five years she was what I felt as "detached" towards me. She rarely showed affection toward me and was reluctant to receive my affection and attention toward her. I never had a horse that acted this way and was beginning to believe she didn't like me. I knew a little of her background from her previous owner and Rob was able to listen to how she felt and this really put all my puzzle pieces together. After meeting with Rob and meeting my horse on her terms we have become best friends. She now knickers when I arrive or leave and runs up to meet me, which she never did before. Rob told her what she needed to hear about me and I learned what I needed to hear about her. Life is great with my horse now, thanks to Rob.          Janet H.
Robert Welch definitely has a gift from God! I have had quite a few readings with him and he always amazes me! Robert has told me things that only myself and my loved ones in heaven would only know that’s when he made me a believer again and filled me with faith!  Justin M.
I had the privilege of connecting with Rob through a mutual friend and animal lover. I had a phone session with Rob who was able to connect with my beloved parents, Grandfather and a cousin who had recently passed. His words were a great comfort to me. He was able to describe an old car that my Grandfather drove in the 60's that my brother had kept and restored as well as letting my cousin in to tell me he was ok after committing suicide. He described both men perfectly. Later, I asked Rob to help a close friend and niece find their missing sister and mother. He was able to pinpoint her location in Oregon and what had happened to her. When she was located we were amazed that Rob was correct in what he had sensed. That story had a sad ending but Rob helped my friend out of the kindness of his heart and brought her peace. Rob truly has the gift of spiritual connection and his sense of compassion is incredible.
          Susan B.
When you sit for a reading with Rob, you enter with a heavy heart and leave with a feeling of peace. I have also been in group readings with Rob. It is very comforting to witness the reaction of other people as they experience the same emotions when they connect with their loved ones. His readings are very accurate and reassuring. He is truly an authentic medium and will change your live forever! Steve Mancini
Rob has shared his gift with me several times over the last 2 years, through private readings and angel gatherings. The validations have always been spot on! Each experience has brought nothing but comfort, healing, and joy knowing that my angels are with me always. Thank you Rob! -Kristen
So Robert asks "what's the M name connected to your baby?" ....well that is because we will be naming our daughter after our grandmother Marva! Then what made me almost start crying at lunch was he said my Grandpa is standing here holding my baby in his arms️! (I’m pregnant at the time)He also brought up my most recent worry asking "what is with the monitors or wanting to get monitors?" ...well I've been wondering if I need a monitor in my family room to watch over my 1yr old! He then told me they are watching her and then proceeded to prove it further by telling me that the "red" thing on her bed is there now! She has a teddy bear holding a big RED heart!️
Then he said "There is a connection to the moon and your baby, what is that?".....I flipped my head to look at my husband-we were again shocked! We hadn't told anyone that we had just added to very short list of baby names is LUNA! So it was validation they were listening to us because no one knew that! We ended up naming her Skylar but she goes by SKY. Then Grandpa came back and said he knew that if we would've had a boy we would've named him after him. Which is true and that I was really bummed that I couldn't because my husband & I always have said we wanted 2 kids. .....then Robert said that my grandpa and my husband are having conversations about how many kids we are going to have. He said that we just don't know another one will be coming!!??!!!?? .....I didn't know that my husband had been battling in his mind about maybe 3?!?
During lunch I finally said "I keep getting chills on this side of my head"....Robert said "That is your Grandma, she saying don't cut your hair off",...I have been complaining & planning to chop off my hair!! Before dinner he told us that my grandma said “watch what I do at lunch”..... Mark’s hamburger actually fell out of the bun out of no where and they randomly added bacon to my hamburger!?!
Also Mark's grandma Pat came and brought up his new hat that he was wearing as validation that she is with him always!  
      L. Bascom
Robert has done 2 readings for us. He is very gentle, unassuming, and truly has a gift! In both instances, he was able to reach our loved one and relay their personality and messages! Robert was not given any previous information and FOR SURE reached our loved one! He gave us great peace and many smiles during the reading! We would definitely & have recommended Robert for assurance that your loved one is okay!  SARAH FOX & TRACI ASBURY
I was blessed with three readings from Robert in 2017. The origional one was my first ever. I had no idea what to expect. I was moved beyond words. The messages I received were gifts beyond my wildest imagination. They will stay with me forever. He was spot on, with his messages and communication with the animals. Through his reading(s) he has changed the relationship we have with our animals now. He did a reading for my husband and I. My husband was a bit of a skeptic at the start, but by the end of the reading he was a total beleiver! Robert is truly blessed with a gift. We are lucky to have him available to us. ~    Connie

       I decided to reach out to Rob for my husband to have the closure he’s never had. We did a telephone reading and right away Robert was spot on, the things he said to my husband were things no one could have known. In his reading Robert kept saying our angel said we were going to buy a house and we kept saying no it’s definitely not going to happen and not for us. Well a year later on the date we had the reading we closed on our very first home. Robert is amazing his skill, craft, and ability to help us heal is beyond measurable. I couldn’t put a price on my husband’s closure that he received, it’s actually priceless. I am very grateful that Rob come into our lives I consider him an angel and a friend!

     Stacy R.

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