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      My books contain stories about faith and believing. They are about  pure love, the kind of love that most people don't Believe exists anymore. Love is all around you!  All you have to do is make the time to let it in. I would like to share my Spiritual journey with you. It is an amazing journey that God has Blessed me with.

             Rob Welch

                               Reaching Out  Lessons of God 
   Robert Welch felt like he was slipping away; as a young husband he felt a sense of losing himself. Then, in the most unlikely place, he felt a calling and reached out to God. God revealed himself in ways Robert never thought possible. "Reaching Out" is the true story of Robert's attempt to silence the exterior world in order to hear the messages that God sends us. His transformation from confused child to enlightened messenger will inspire and amaze even the most cynical readers. 152 pages  (Books will be available soon)   

                                            The Promise Lessons of God  

     I have had many questions about my faith, who the spirits are, and how the messages they bring come to me. I believe too many people worry about what everyone else thinks. When it comes to talking about our spiritual "higher power", there are so many beliefs. When people write or talk about the "higher power" they walk on eggshells, afraid of turning people away. I would like to share some of my life stories.                                                      

 In "The Promise", Robert continues his testimony that began in his first book, Reaching Out. The Promise takes a closer look at the spiritual awakening that Rob has undergone, particularly the messages that he has received from heaven, his personal beliefs, and the promises that God makes to each of us.

Robert's life has undergone remarkable changes since the release of Reaching Out. His touching stories of faith, mental healing, and the role of God in each person's life will truly show you The Promise that God has in store for all of his children.
116 pages  (books will be available soon)

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