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A bit about my  Journey

   I was born in 1964 in New England. I grew up as one of six children with my Mom and Dad. I was raised Catholic.    Camping and fishing were a large part of my childhood.

I married my childhood sweetheart at the age of nineteen. We currently live in the White Mountains of Arizona.

  My books are inspirational true stories. They are about my spiritual journey and all the Amazing people I have been Blessed to meet. My Books are a record of the messages I have received for myself, and the people that I have met along the way. For many years I have been receiving messages from Heaven, God, Jesus and their Angels. I call myself a messenger, like the mailman. What I do is pass on messages. Messages of love, letting us know that we are not alone. Whoever or whatever your Creator is to you, I want you to know your Creator is trying to communicate with you every day.

     All my life I have felt a presence around me. Up until my mid 30's I never stopped to find out whether "they" were good or bad. I just kept running from them. As I got older I thought I was losing my mind. All the thoughts, feelings, and images bombarded me. It wasn't until I met the "animal communicator" and her husband, that things began to make sense.

   The experiences I had were Angels from Heaven trying to pass messages through me to individuals here on Earth. Once I realized the things that came to me were messages from Heaven. Things became clear. I have been passing on messages from Heaven to loved ones here on earth for many years now. 

   "Reaching out" is the first book I was inspired to write. In one of my messages, God asked me to write a series of books about the things I have witnessed. Up until this point, I did not speak openly about my gift. 

   The messages I deliver, I call "Readings". To me, it's like reading a letter. These messages or letters are simple, "I love you", "I have never left your side", "I will always be with you", "Let me help you!" They are about receiving Heavenly guidance. Through our loved ones in Heaven our Creator speaks to us. 

    My second book is called "The Promise", it was released in early spring 2011. It explains how there is a promise in every reading. A promise that God and Heaven do exist.

   Many people wonder if they too can have a personal relationship with their Creator. The answer is simple - YES!  I am just a regular person. I have been lead down a path that I never thought was possible. However, I have come to understand there is nothing plain or regular about any of us. In God's eyes we are all AMAZING!! God is just waiting for us to realize this. 

   Just to clarify... I myself call our Creator "God" or "My Creator".  I Believe there are many paths to Heaven and many names for our Creator. 

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